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Entrepreneurial Development

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The challenge of declining employment opportunities in the public and private formal sector has created pressure on governments to promote the informal private sector as an alternative source of employment with remarkable success in developing countries. Programmes that support the youth and women to engage in economic activities are being supported by governments and development partners.

However progress in entrepreneurial development programmes is hampered by lack of entrepreneurial and business management skills. Entrepreneurial development services that assist the youth and women to create and manage enterprises are therefore required. Further, governments, private firms, NGOs and many other organizations need to be effective and competitive in whatever they are engaged in.

This calls for continuous innovation in their respective organizations, institutionalizing innovation as a culture that ultimately produces consistent positive commercially viable outcomes, and encouraging entrepreneurship within their respective organizations

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship basically entails treating individuals or teams within an organization as entrepreneurs, and hence allowing them to take ideas, develop them and bring them to fruition on their own. ALMACO works with governments, development partners, NGOs and CBOs to address these changes by providing tailored technical services in:

  • Entrepreneurial programme design and management
  • Training, coaching and mentorship
  • Entrepreneurship

Key projects

World Bank Project

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Micro and Small Enterprises Technical and Training Project; This was a world Bank funded project implemented by the Government of Kenya that aimed to institutionalize the Micro and Small Enterprise Training and Technology Project through:
i) Development and implementation of conducive entrepreneurial policies,
ii) Provision of skills and appropriate technology to MSEs and
iii) Improvement of managerial capacity of MSEs institutions. ALMACO conducted mid-term evaluation of the project

The concept of entrepreneurship development programme involves equipping a person with the required skills and knowledge needed for starting and running a successful enterprise

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