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Private Sector Development

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Driven by the realization that the private sector is better placed to lead economic growth, developing countries are committed to private sector development through promoting supportive regulatory frameworks, policies, infrastructure and institutions to attract private investments.

These measures are also supported by development partners through budgetary and technical assistance support.

Private sector development

ALMACO works with developing countries to promote private sector growth by providing technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Private sector policy development
  • Private sector strategy development
  • Public- private partnership development
  • Programme design and implementation

Key projects

Botswana strategy Project

Development of the Botswana private sector strategy: This was a short term assignment to provide technical assistance to the Government of Botswana and the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) to develop a Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS). The assignment brought together all public and private sector organisations and other stakeholders involved in private sector development. One of our consultants was involved in the development of private sector development strategy in Zanzibar and Tonga

DTIS Project

Management of Challenge fund

One of our Team leaders was a consultant for the US$26million Trade Mark East Africa Challenge Fund for 3 years (2012-2015) where he was responsible for the award of grants on innovative trade projects covering all the East African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Private sector development projects

During the last 10 years,we have worked with Governments and Private sector organisations in formulating private sector strategies that are underpinned by knowledge, assumptions, beliefs and hunches about how and why particular actions trigger particular changes.We have supported these organisations in enhancing their focus,providing a framework for the stakeholders to participate in the Strategy and planning process as well as enhancing their understanding of complex development processes.Our consultants have worked on the following projects:
• Private sector development strategy for Botswana which was adjudged by the EU as one of the best elaborated Strategy in the region
• Improving Trade flows from East African countries project covering Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Rwanda and Burundi
• Private sector development strategy for Kenya
• Private sector development strategy for Tonga

Private Sector Development (PSD) is a term in the international development industry to refer to a range of strategies for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries by building private enterprises.

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