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Collaboration Networks

ALMACO Management Consultants Ltd. is a management consultancy firm founded in 1996, with corporate offices in Nairobi, Kenya and in the United Kingdom.

We believe in collaboration with international, regional and national organisations through which knowledge and new approaches are shared for the benefit of clients. We therefore collaborate with several technical service providers including:

  • Management Science for Health/Grant management Solutions.
  • HLSP
  • Nathan Associates Inc.
  • Nathan Associates London Ltd
  • Network of Technical Assistance Providers
  • Continental Development Alliance
  • Decisive Aggregates Botswana Pty.
  • QMES Sierra Leone Ltd
  • Konoin Ventures Canada

ALMACO is a founder member of the Network of Technical Assistance Providers (NTAP), a network of ten firms based in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. NTAP members have common history and experiences that is more than just a network based on a virtual database of technical consultants.
The NTAP members have worked together for five years through Grant Management Solutions, and have successfully collaborated informally on a number of projects. NTAP members adhere to a common code of ethics and high level of professionalism and quality, with a peer review process ensuring clients get the results for which they pay.

Boosting Effectiveness.

Management Consulting helps the world's most significant organisations – public and private – quickly become more effective.

Our Approach

We compel all involved to go beyond the expectations of their role, absorbing as much organisational knowledge as possible and driving the business forward with informed and sound decisions.

Realising that socio-economic development requires the efforts and effective participation of all stakeholders, as well as evidence- based decisions in policy and programme formulation and implementation, the firm has invested in development of expertise needed to respond to these demands. The firm therefore embraces and guides clients in application of multi-sectoral, sector-wide, public- private partnership approaches to policy and programme formulation, implementation and monitoring

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.